In an effort to ensure that students receive options for proper daily nutritional requirements, Pratt Institute offers its students a number of meal plans.

The meal plans are designed on a debit card system; students’ meal plan points decrease as the student purchases items in the main dining room, convenience store or pizza shop. A meal plan point equals one dollar. However, the cost of meal plans is fixed.

A student will not be refunded unused points at the end of the semester (in the case of Semester Only plans) or at the end of the year (in the case of Yearly plans). However, points not used on Yearly Plans in the Fall semester are not forfeited. They are added to the Spring semester allotment.

Purchasing a meal plan can save the student almost 10% over a student paying cash since purchases with a meal plan are not charged tax.

With all meal plans, students have the option to add points at any time during the semester in $25 increments.

Yearly Meal Plans

Plans are billed per semester, with a two-semester commitment. Unused points from the Fall semester carry forward to the Spring semester. All unused points at the end of the academic year are forfeited.

For 2017–2018, rates are:

  • M3 Meal Plan $4200 ($2,100 billed each semester, Fall and Spring/2100 points per semester) - Approximately 19 meals/week*
  • M4 Meal Plan $3620 ($1,810 billed each semester, Fall and Spring/1810 points per semester) - Approximately 14 meals/week*
  • M5 Meal Plan $2150 ($1,075 billed each semester, Fall and Spring/1075 points per semester)

Semester Only Plans

Plans are billed and points issued only for the semester enrolled. Points unused at the conclusion of the enrolled semester are forfeited.

For 2017–2018, rates are:

  • M6 Meal Plan $725 ($725 billed/725 points issued for the semester enrolled)
  • M7 Meal Plan $250 ($250 billed/250 points issued for the semester enrolled)

* students residing on campus in Pantas, Cannoneer Court, Stabile, ELJ, or any freshman under the age of 21 living anywhere on campus is required to choose from one of these two yearly meal plans

Signing Up for a Meal Plan

Any student living on or off-campus may sign up for a meal plan.

  • Start at myPratt
  • Sign in with your OneKey credentials
  • Click on “My Profile”
  • On your Profile page, click on the "Residence Life Housing Application" box
  • For students living on-campus, underneath your current term room assignment is the link for the “Housing and Meal Plan Contract”
  • For students living off-campus, click on the term link named “Meal Plan Sign Up – For Off Campus Students Only”
  • Follow the online prompts to submit your meal plan contract sign up.

Adding Meal Plan Points to Existing Meal Plans

Students who have a current meal plan may find themselves "running low" of points as the semester progresses or their meal plan points have been all used up before the semester ends. In these cases, students have two choices. They can upgrade to a higher value plan or add amounts greater than $25 to their existing plan.

Upgrading is a process done in person at the Office of Residential Life and Housing. The student will receive the additional points and their student account will be rebilled the difference. Things to remember if upgrading from a semester plan to a yearly plan: You will have the upgraded plan again in the Spring semester, but unused points will then carry over from Fall to Spring. Things to remember if upgrading from one semester plan to another semester plan: All points end at the conclusion of that given semester; add only what you can use during that semester. 

Adding points is a process done online with any credit or debit card through the website. Be sure to specify on the site that you wish to add "Meal Plan Points" rather than "Pratt Dollars." Keep in mind that meal plan points are only usable in the dining services areas and Pratt Dollars are only usable in the non-dining services areas. Also, remember that all points on semester plans end at the conclusion of that semester. So add only the points you feel you will use before the semester ends.

  • Meal plan points - only usable in dining services area
  • Pratt Dollars - only usable at copy center, bookstore, non-dining services