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School of Information Labs


144 West 14th Street, 6th Floor

The School of Information offers five computer labs with over 70 computers to support curriculum in the areas of library science, digital archiving, digital humanities, information design, digital curation, cultural heritage access, preservation, and museum education. The labs range from Windows-based Dell computers to Macintosh dual boot labs running both OS X and Windows. The rooms are designed to foster a specific pedigogical approach to teaching that focuses on creativity and innovation for the digital world. The spaces are designed to be used in a seminar or lab capacity and foster participatory hands-on learning experiences. School of Information labs contain spaces dedicated to specific aspects of the curriculum including the Cultural Informatics Lab—which supports information design, usability testing, and web design; the Digital Media Lab—for digitizing rare books and manuscripts; and the Cyberspace—a lounge-like space where students have access to computers and the Internet. The School of Information Labs are a very important part of the experience in the Master’s degree program in Library and Information Science.

Hours of Operation

Vary based on class schedule