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Undergraduate Application Requirements: Returning Students



If you have ever enrolled in Pratt as a matriculated degree student and completed an entire term, you must complete the application for readmission in order to re-enroll into Pratt.

In order to get the best selection of classes, students are encouraged to submit readmission applications as early as possible. Students are subject to the following deadlines for readmission. These deadlines are designed to allow time for all appropriate approvals and processes to take place and minimize administrative problems for students. Late applications will automatically be considered for the next eligible term.

Application Deadlines

(Non-International Students)
Fall: August 15.
Spring: December 15.
Summer: May 1.

International Students
Fall: May 1
Spring: October 1
Summer: N/A

Any financial obligations from a prior Pratt enrollment must be cleared before readmission and any new registrations are approved. All fields of the application must be filled out before the application will be considered. Students with an academic record that is not in good standing may be denied readmission or readmitted as a part-time or non-matriculated student at the discretion of the Institute. All international students whose first language is not English will be required to retake the English Proficiency exam. Students who have been away from Pratt for 24 months or longer may be required to submit a portfolio, or to come in for a departmental interview as part of the review process. You will be contacted by the Registrar’s office if this is necessary. Students who left Pratt because of an academic or disciplinary action may be required to come in for an interview with the dismissing authority as part of the review process. The Registrar’s office will notify all readmission applicants of the final decision in writing. You can download our Readmission Application Form from our Downloads module on this page.

Submit Form To

Readmission Processing
Registrar’s Office
Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205