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Study Abroad Summer Program: Havana


An image of Havana from a tall building.

The Summer program in Havana and Miami gives students at the GAUD (and/or equivalent M.Arch programs internationally) an opportunity to engage Directed Research at the GAUD through a three credit, design oriented, Architecture elective. The course centers on New Architectural Contexts and tests models of architectural alteration, densfication, and conservation through speculating on key sites in Havana. Students work directly with city officials, scholars, and various stakeholders from both Havana and Miami developing skills in computer modeling and photo-realistic architectural speculation. The first half of the course is excursion oriented and based in Havana. The second half is production oriented and based in studios at the University of Miami School of Architecture, where a parallel course is being taught. Students interested in additional credit may be eligible for an independent study upon confirmation by the instructor.

  • All GAUD Students from all programs, students in the Pratt School of Architecture programs with a Bachelor of Architecture or students at Pratt pursuing a Masters Degree in Industrial Design or Interior Design.
  • Students from any equivalent Master of Architecture program
  • Four weeks
  • June 30-July 29
  • Three credits
  • Contact Chair David Erdman,
A grid of various images from art in Havana