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PrattCard Features


VP Student Services

The Pratt ID card, also called the PrattCard, is your “key” to the campus, providing you with convenient access to a variety of features and services. It is a truly all-inclusive, multifunction card. Use it as your personal meal card, building access card, library card, and print and copy card too.

Photo Identification

The PrattCard is the official identification card of Pratt Institute and should be carried with you at all times. It is issued to all members of the Institute and is required for identification and access to essential campus services. Students, faculty, and staff are issued a PrattCard upon arrival and are responsible for keeping their card for the duration of their time at the Institute.

Door Access

The PrattCard is a keycard to campus. At various locations throughout campus, card readers have been installed to allow an individual’s access to areas while leaving these locations secure. As you attempt to enter an area with access control, swipe your card at the card reader to gain entry. Access privileges are based on class registration, major, workplace, job duties, or residence. All campus housing is secured with card access control. Any changes to your access privileges are automatically updated to your PrattCard and access will be discontinued when an individual leaves the Institute.

Temporary access requests for contractors, vendors, scholarly guests, resident assistants, or interns will require authorization and are submitted from the Dean, Director, or Department Head.

Print And Copy Services

Students, faculty, and staff may use their PrattCard to pay for copy-print jobs at the print labs and copy stations throughout campus by adding funds to your card in an account called PrattBucks.

At the beginning of each semester, students are given an allotment of free prints which may only be used in the print labs or copy stations using the PrattCard. After these free prints are depleted, students must use PrattBucks to make additional purchases. Meal plan funds cannot be used to pay for printing or copying services.

For more information about printing instructions, printing errors, printing prices, hours of operation, list of printers, and printing policies; see the Student Printing Guide PDF document. For more information regarding the Pratt Copy Center, visit the Pratt Copy Center webpage.

Library Privileges

Students, faculty, and staff may use their PrattCard to check out books and materials at the libraries on campus. The mission of the Pratt Institute Libraries is to provide outstanding service and access to a resource-rich environment that facilitates critical thinking, creative teaching and learning in the Pratt community. The Brooklyn campus library houses more than 200,000 volumes of print materials, including 600+ periodicals, rare books, and the college archives. The Pratt Manhattan campus library collection consists of monographs, serials, multimedia, and a picture collection of approximately 30,000 images.

Monetary Accounts

The PrattCard is a payment card that supports multiple monetary accounts. Funds are added to different accounts depending on where you want to use your PrattCard to make purchases. Please choose carefully as deposits cannot be transferred or refunded after they are made.

For a current list of locations that accept the following monetary accounts or to add funds to your PrattCard accounts, log in at Acceptable forms of payment include credit, debit, or gift cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo.

For PrattBucks account only, add funds using cash at the Cash Station located in the Machinery building, outside the MCC Lab. Or, simply use the Cash Station to check the current balance of your PrattBucks account. The Cash Station accepts $1, $5, $10, $20 and does not dispense change.

Meal Plans

Pratt’s dining facilities offers several meal plan options on a debit card system, where the meal plan balance decreases with each purchase made using the PrattCard. The cost of a meal plan is fixed and all meal plans have the option to add funds at any time during the semester in $25 increments. No refunds are given for any value left in a meal plan account at the end of the meal plan term.

Since purchases with a meal plan are not charged tax, you can save almost 10% compared to cash purchases.

To select a meal plan option that fits your needs or to upgrade to a higher value plan, please visit the Office of Residential Life and Housing located in Willoughby Hall. To find out more about dining facilities, hours of operation, daily menus, and meal plan options, visit the Dining at Pratt webpage.


The PrattCard functions as a prepaid debit card. Money can be added to your card in an account called PrattBucks. These funds may be used to make purchases at participating off-campus and on-campus locations including the Pratt print labs and copy stations.

To start using PrattBucks, simply add funds to your PrattCard at No cash withdrawals may be made from the card. As you make purchases with your card, payments will be deducted from your PrattBucks account. No transactions will be processed once you have exhausted the balance on your account.

PrattBucks never expire. Your account will roll over to the following semester or year for students, faculty, and staff. Any balance in the PrattBucks account remains active until you deplete the balance or the balance is forfeited.