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PrattCard FAQ


VP Student Services
How May I Find Out What My Onekey Is? Where Do I Go For Help?

If you need assistance with your OneKey credentials, contact the Help Desk at or call 718.636.3765. Your OneKey is your user name and password for e-services available throughout the campus. It is issued at the time of your admission to Pratt or upon being hired as an employee.

What Is The Difference Between Meal Plans And Prattbucks?

The Pratt ID card is a payment card that supports multiple monetary accounts. Funds are added to different accounts depending on where you want to use your ID card to make purchases. With a Meal Plan account, cardholders can make purchases at various dining facilities on campus. Since purchases with a meal plan are not charged tax, you can save almost 10% compared to cash purchases. The PrattCard functions as a prepaid debit card too. Money can be added to your ID card in an account called PrattBucks. These funds may be used to make purchases at participating on-campus and off-campus locations. For a current list of locations that accept Meal Plans or PrattBucks, click on the PrattCard Accepted At… link.

Is There A Fee For Damaged, Lost, Or Stolen Id Cards?

There is no charge for the initial ID card; however, a fee is charged to replace lost or stolen cards. The fee will be waived for a stolen card if a police report has been filed and presented at the PrattCard ID Office. If a card is deemed to have a malfunction or is damaged, it will be replaced at no charge.

Why Does It Cost So Much To Replace A Pratt Id Card?

When compiling the cost for replacing a Pratt ID Card, many factors must be considered including the costs of the equipment (hardware, cameras, software, printers), supplies (cards, ribbons), staff salary to cover the PrattCard ID office, staff to process the PrattCard updates and billing, etc. Your Pratt ID Card is a lot more than just a piece of plastic; there are several technologies on one card making it multi-functional.

Can I Get A Cash Advance From My Prattcard Account?

No, you may not get a cash advance from a PrattCard account. However, once you graduate or separate from the Institute, a refund request may be submitted for the remaining PrattBucks balance. Unused meal plan points are not refunded at the end of the meal plan term.

How Can I Find The Current Balance On My Prattcard Accounts?

After you sign in at, the Account Balance page will display showing your current Meal Plan and PrattBucks balance. For PrattBucks accounts only, you may also use the Cash Station to check your current balance, which is located in the Machinery building outside the MCC Lab.

How Can I Add Money To My Prattcard Account?

After you sign in at, funds may be added to existing Meal Plans or PrattBucks accounts by clicking on the Make a Deposit link. For PrattBucks accounts only, you may also use the Cash Station located in the Machinery building, outside the MCC Lab.

When Do My Meal Plan And Prattbucks Expire?

Your PrattBucks balance will remain active until you graduate, withdraw, or separate from the Institute. Meal Plans expire at the end of the meal plan term.

How Do I Get A Refund Of My Prattbucks Balance?

Simply read the PrattBucks Refund Policy and follow the instructions on the Policies and Statements page.

Are My Transactions And Balance Secure?

Yes, all transactions and access to are encrypted and secured through SSL technology.