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Technology Purchasing Policy


Information Technology


Technology Purchasing Policy

All technology purchases, whether for academic or administrative use, must be submitted to the division of Information Technology (IT) for review and approval by PurchaseIT. Technology purchases consist of any and all purchases involving, but not limited to, computer or network-related hardware, software, peripherals, services and consulting. The Purchasing department will not process purchase requisitions for these items unless they have the required review and approval signatures. Pratt’s procurement credit cards can not be used to purchase any technology items without PurchaseIT approval.  Please request help from the Purchasing department or the Technology Desk, if necessary, to obtain quotes and other purchasing information.

To submit your PurchaseIT request, go to The request must include a valid quote, a description of the item’s intended use or objective, and any appropriate contact information. In addition to the signature of the person requesting the purchase, appropriate approval signatures from other designated persons will be required.

Upon submission of the request, you will receive a automated confirmation. Your request will be reviewed, and a response will be sent back to you via email. If your request is approved, download the approval and attach to your order in ESM in addition to your quote.  

The purpose of the policy is to ensure that all purchases are compatible with other Institute software and equipment and meet pre-established minimum hardware configuration, quality and security requirements. The IT Division is unable to support technology purchases that do not meet or are not configurable to IT standards. It is strongly recommended that departments engage in collegial discussions with the IT division prior to the purchasing process to assure compatibility.

Technology Purchase Definition

To help you determine in advance whether or not the intended purchase qualifies as a technology purchase, you may submit your proposed purchase via e-mail to for review and advice. The following are always considered technology purchases:

  • Computers, desktop printers, desktop scanners, monitors, projectors, display screens, tablets etc.
    • Departmental copiers provided on a lease term are excluded from the PurchaseIT process.
  • All software including any software system or software system contract that interacts with existing systems, i.e., the student information system or the Institute’s portal. Please Note: All contracts involving the Institute must be reviewed, approved and signed by the Office of Legal Counsel . Contracts involving technology must also be reviewed by the IT Division which will include a mandatory security review of vendors handling confidential data or access to systems containing confidential data prior to PurchaseIT approval.
  • Renewals and upgrades to software, systems or contracts that require additional funding.
  • Electronic equipment including audio recording equipment, digital cameras, etc.
  • Any peripheral that attaches to a computer.
  • All printing, scanning and copying devices that connect to a computer or the Pratt network.
  • Any device, program or service that requires connectivity to Institute hardwired or via wireless networks.
  • Any device, program or service that may require maintenance normally performed by the IT Division.


You may wish to consider the following positive aspects of discussing an intended purchase with the IT Division:

  • Your purchase may be eligible for special pricing or be covered by an existing site license. The IT Division has special contracts with hardware suppliers like Apple and Dell for computers or Hewlett Packard for printers and copiers.
  • To ensure compatibility. IT can confirm that your purchase will work with existing and future equipment and services.
  • To ensure proper installation. IT can schedule installation and help prepare wiring or network connections prior to the arrival of the equipment.
  • Provide maintenance and service of hardware and software licenses. IT provides maintenance (either directly through its staff members or through approved vendors) on hardware, software and services purchased through existing contracts. Software updates are generally included in the Institute-wide service contracts.

Laptop Purchasing and Delivery

The following additional purchasing and deployment policy applies:

  • Computers, desktop printers, desktop scanners, and tablets require a warranty added at the time of purchase. Warranty terms approved by IT may vary by item
  • All laptop orders, and Mac minis, must be accompanied by an order for Absolute Software’s Resilience security and tracking software unless it is preloaded by the laptop manufacturer.
  • All laptops computers will be delivered to the Service Technology Desk for to undergo inventory and pre-deployment operations. Computrace activation before delivery to the end user. If Computrace software or a security cable hasn’t been ordered the computer will not be released until these conditions are met.
Effective Date5/15/2013
Last Modified Date1/17/2023
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