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Procurement Card


Finance and Administration

Policy Summary

The purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines for the issuance and use of the P-Card and ensure that sufficient controls are in place to mitigate risk. Responsibility for financial control of the use of the procurement cards rests with each cardholder or administrative unit.


The P-Card is a payment tool, which allows employees and departments to charge travel related business expenses and to make certain transactions without having to submit a requisition for the issuance of a purchase order.

The P-Card is intended to be used by authorized staff. It is NOT an authorization to extend employees/departments purchasing ability to acquire items previously unauthorized by policy or procedure. The Controller’s Office and Purchasing Department will be monitoring transactions for violations and may set additional restrictions for use. This manual will serve as the guideline when using your P-Card.

Cardholders must adhere strictly to the P-Card policies and procedures which are in compliance to Pratt Institute’s current purchasing policies and procedures set forth by the Controller’s, and Purchasing Departments.

The procurement card is to be used for Pratt Institute business only, and should be closely monitored by the cardholder and the supervisor. It should not be considered as a means to circumvent the requisitioning and approval process.

P-Cards cannot be issued to students, clubs, volunteers, or temporary employees.

Individuals who fail to comply with this policy and all associated procedures may result in card suspension, or cancellation.

Policy Contact: Controller’s Office, 718-687-5913