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Computer Upgrade Program


Information Technology


The Computer Upgrade Program (CUP) provides for the centralized purchasing, management, and standardization of workplace computers and communications devices and is the only method for administrative technology acquisition. The CUP also provides a durable framework for increased sustainability, system reliability, and functionality.


The program will be evaluated annually and revised as necessary. This evaluation is accomplished through information collected through the administration of the program, current reporting tools, external vendor and industry sources and Institute priorities.

The overall goal of the policy is to provide a program that ensures that non-instructional technologies on campus are up-to-date and available to all full-time administrative staff. The specific goals of the Computer Upgrade Program are to:

  • Ensure that each staff member who requires computing resources has access to a computer, software and voice equipment capable of supporting the demands of their work responsibilities.
  • Provide unified communications for Pratt employees, including handsets and associated voice devices.
  • Ensure appropriate computing resources are available in departmental computing facilities and offices in support of the mission of the Institute.
  • Utilize a centralized budget to provide desktop technology, thereby providing relief to area budgets and reducing reliance on year-end budget surpluses and contingency funds.
  • Achieve standards for technology on campus, increasing the supportability of the installed base of equipment.
  • Employ centralized provisioning and infrastructure for automatic software deployment and updates to improve user experience and meet Cyber Security requirements.
  • Streamline the acquisition and deployment of upgraded equipment and enable re-deployment to other departments, projects or staff.
  • Provide appropriate software tools, through site licensing when available, to receive associated discounts and to provide uniformity. 
  • Ensure proper disposal of e-waste as outlined by New York State’s 2011 e-waste recycling program.


  • The Computer Upgrade Policy covers one computer per staff member. In special instances where multiple machines may be assigned to an individual (as noted on the official job description, filed with Human Resources) replacement responsibility will belong to the department. In addition, advanced hardware and other specialized needs must be funded from departmental budgets or from other funding sources.
  • Departments will be initially responsible for the technology costs for newly created positions, with the CUP assuming the upgrade costs thereafter.
  • Departmentally shared or purpose-based computers will be managed by Pratt IT, but funded by the departments.
  • A repurposed computer with a valid OEM (original equipment manufacturer) warranty meeting the position`s criteria may be provided. Where appropriate, other accepted technologies, such as virtual desktop systems and thin-clients may be provided.
  • The program will employ MDM(mobile device management) technology for software and asset management.
  • The program will provide all associated software, campus-wide equipment, and other computing resources necessary to support administrative desktop use with the exception of advanced hardware and other specialized needs as previously stated.
  • The CUP is designed to replace desktop/laptop computers with current appropriate technology rather than to apply major hardware upgrades to components of existing computers.


Qualified desktop/laptop computer upgrades will be based on several criteria:

  • Warranty expiration date
  • As a general principle computer systems will be replaced based upon the reliability and end-of-life status of the device.
  • The user requesting an upgrade must be full-time administrative staff.
  • The initial computer that is to be assigned to the staff member must be purchased by the department, or be from a previous CUP upgrade
  • The staff member’s current computer will be returned to IT in exchange for the new computer
  • By default, all staff members will receive a PC computer unless a business reason or specific use case is provided that would satisfy the Computer Platform Assignment policy


Technology Support Services in concert with Network & Core Infrastructure will work with each department prior to their scheduled upgrade to plan accordingly, and to address concerns and help reduce downtime.

Effective Date5/15/2013
Last Modified Date2/27/2023
Number of Revisions4
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