Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 2:48 PM

Pratt’s SAVI Celebrates NYC Open Data Week With Visual Exhibition

Work by data visualization agency TWO-N, Manhattan Tree Topography; work by Jeremy Neiman, New York City Seeks Talented Individuals To Compose Haikus

The Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI) at Pratt Institute, along with co-organizers Carto and Enigma, will bring the concept of “Data through Design” to life in a dynamic visual exhibition as part of NYC Open Data Week in March, a city-wide initiative led by the New York City Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics to celebrate the access to, and benefits of, open data for all.

Data through Design, an art exhibition focusing on interpretations of data encompassing everyday life, includes work based on datasets from the New York City Open Data portal and will be on view throughout Open Data Week. Selected works from artists, designers, coders, technologists, and citizens alike explore data on population counts, Manhattan tree topography, civil servant job duties, and more, highlighting the wide variety of open data available to all.

Open Data Week is a collaboration between NYC Open Data, BetaNYC, and the New York civic technology and data communities, and will be held from March 3-10, 2018. The Data through Design exhibition will be hosted at the Made in NY Media Center and an opening reception will be held on March 2.

SAVI is a mapping research and service center that works with Pratt community members and external nonprofits, community groups, and other clients in New York to facilitate access to data and its benefits for increasing quality of life. SAVI brings Pratt to the forefront of current data analysis, mapping, and visualization technology, and contributes immense knowledge of the data landscape to the Open Data Week community.

Learn more about SAVI, NYC Open Data Week, and the Data through Design exhibition.

Images: (L-R) Work by data visualization agency TWO-N, Manhattan Tree Topography; work by Jeremy Neiman, New York City Seeks Talented Individuals To Compose Haikus