All classes that normally meet in Main Building have been relocated. Students and faculty are advised to check their LMS course schedules for updated rooms. Administrative offices formerly housed in Main Building were open for business on Tuesday, February 19. Pratt students, faculty, and staff are advised to visit for more details on these relocations. The Institute, which has been working around the clock to ensure the integrity of its teaching and learning mission, will continue to keep the Pratt community informed of further updates. Ongoing support for students is available through Pratt's Student Affairs and Residential Life Offices.

A four-alarm fire occurred in Pratt Institute's Main Building, on its Brooklyn campus, in the early hours of Friday, February 15. There were no injuries sustained, and the fire's cause is under investigation. The six-story building's roof and its sixth floor were gutted. The fifth floor was badly damaged by the fire and there is water damage throughout the building. The historic Main Building, which was built in 1887, houses fine art classes and studios in addition to administrative offices.