This was a record-breaking year for Prattcomd Illustration with more students accepted into the 2014 Society of Illustrators annual exhibition and book than ever before.

Congratulations to:

Maria Arenas
Christina Chung
Yugyeong Chung
Niccolo Debole
Andrew Diemer
Amit Greenberg
Cass Fountaine
Madeleine Giuliani
Leah Gotchel
Tom Grillo
Mike Hinson
Charlotte Larson
Ji Eun Lee
Kristen Liu-Wong
Maeve Norton
Betsy Petershmidt
Jennifer Van Meter
Michela Vinton
Meredith Wilson
Whitney Wong
Yung Ta Yang

You can view all of the Prattcomd winning entries here and the entire collection of selected students from all schools here.