Pratt Institute ranks second among the country’s colleges of art and design in terms of its appearances in global print and electronic media, on the Internet, throughout the blogosphere, and in social media outlets, according to the Global Language Monitor’s (GLM) TrendTopper MediaBuzzTM Fall 2009 Rankings, which also lists Pratt 28th among all colleges in the entire U.S. for its overall media presence.

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), which ranks 27th nationally, has an overall score of 469 and just barely tops Pratt, which has an overall score of 464. In third place among colleges of art and design is the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), which has a score of 397. This is the first time that schools of art and design were included in the organization’s rankings.

Pratt also ranks first among the country’s colleges of art and design and 23rd nationally in terms of velocity, which measures the greatest change in number of citations from all sources over the final 90 days of the analysis, which ended November 1, 2009. In terms of velocity, RISD ranks 65th in the country while SAIC ranks 90th.

GLM began its rankings system several years ago after noticing a number of biases built into supposedly non-biased studies that resulted in college and university rankings. The organization created the TrendTopper MediaBuzz Analysis in order to measure a college’s value according to its brand equity, which it defines as the value a consumer bestows upon a product.

“In the rapidly changing communications and media environment of the early 21st century, you cannot rely on television surveys, at-home interviews, newspaper clippings, or television mentions to measure the worth of a brand,” write the editors of the report in its introduction. “Today the methodology must encompass the Twitters and YouTubes of the world as well as the tens of millions of blogs, the billions of Web pages, as well as the top global print and electronic media.”

GLM used its Predictive Quantities Indicator software that utilizes a proprietary algorithm for the TrendTopper MediaBuzz Analysis. Its mathematical model allows GLM to make statistically significant comparisons among the various measurements and allows it to gauge the relative values differing institutions are assigned by consumers as well as measures of how that value changes over time. For more information, visit