Pratt Institute will present exhibitions and sales of new design work at the Pratt Pop-Up! at DeKalb Market at 138 Willoughby Street at Flatbush Avenue this summer. The Pratt Pop-Up! is a rotating showcase for the extraordinary talent of Pratt Institute students and alumni, who include some of the world's foremost artists, designers, and thought leaders. The Pratt Pop-Up! is open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 AM to 6 PM.

Pop-Up! Summer 2012

The shows and sales for this summer are as follows:

Pratt Fine Arts Jewelry   
Stunning jewelry designs from four stand-outs from Pratt's Class of 2012
Now through June 12, 2012

The jewelry designs exhibited in the Fine Arts Jewelry Class of 2012 display and sale stem from award-winning thesis collections by students from this year's graduating class. They are Yun Son Choe (First Prize Outstanding Achievement), Katelyn Riley (Second Prize for Excellence), Alyssa Aizenstat (Third Prize for Distinction), and Katherine Morris (Honorable Mention). Their collections were inspired by human emotion, the architecture of bridges and their function for travel, vintage medical supplies, and Native American hunter-warrior culture. Each student used a unique combination of different media, including manipulated metals with found objects and uncommon stones; porcupine quills and metal; and plastics and recycled medical devices to fully realize his or her thesis project.

Dargelos Bicycle Accessories
Functional and fashionable bike accessories for the bike commuter
June 13-July 9, 2012

Dargelos, one of 15 businesses currently supported by The Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation, will introduce a bicycle accessory shop to the Pratt Pop-Up! Dargelos creates flexible accessories and garments to encourage bicycling in the city. The refined designs unite a minimalist aesthetic with safety, practicality, and durability. For more information, please visit

Holstee, Designing Hope, and Rubina Accessories
Sustainable home furnishing designs and fashion accessories made by Indian artisans
July 9-August 6, 2012

Holstee, designing hope, and Rubina are also supported by The Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation. The work on display will showcase a collaboration between Rubina and Designing Hope, and the work the three companies have done in India with local artisans.

Holstee offers practical and sustainable alternatives to everyday products. In addition to designing the products, the company has begun to curate products from like-minded designers and share them with the community through their website.

designing hope is a socially and sustainably minded design firm that consults with companies and non-profits to create social impact. In addition, this firm designs sustainable products that help to create awareness and positive change.

Rubina is a design company that brings to the surface designers and artisans who are working together to make innovative products through blending modern design and traditional craft. Through these unique collaborations, women artisans are afforded a sustainable income and the ability to preserve the traditional crafts that are currently dying out due to a lack of market access and industrial expansion.

For more information, please visit,, and  

About The Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation

The Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation supports the entrepreneurial talents of designers, artists, and architects — including several Pratt alumni — by providing them with resources to launch businesses. The Incubator is part of Pratt Institute's Center for Sustainable Design Studies and Research, which is led by Incubator Founder and Director Deb Johnson. The Incubator supports its companies with custom-tailored services for sustainable business endeavors. Incubator companies have access to a flexible curriculum in sustainable entrepreneurship mentor-based coaching and work among a thriving community of socially responsible entrepreneurs. Since its 2002 inception, the Incubator has supported the launch of over 30 companies, has created over 50 new jobs, and has consulted for 15 organizations.

About The Pratt Pop-Up!

The Pratt Pop-Up! enables Pratt students and alumni to obtain hands-on experience in everything from opening a retail or gallery space to researching a thesis or product idea with the community. The interior of the Pratt Pop-Up! was designed and built by students and faculty from Pratt's industrial design program. Their design brief required the creation of a space from sustainable materials that could easily accommodate a series of changing exhibitions. The design team transformed slatwall, an ordinary store-display material that uses interchangeable fixtures, to create this beautiful architecturally inspired environment. The work in the exhibition space will change throughout Pratt's 125th Anniversary Celebration in 2012, allowing the Institute a special opportunity to celebrate its rich history of innovation and creativity.

Images from left: ring by Yon Son Choe, bracelet by Katelyn Riley, ring by Alyssa Aizenstat, and porcupine pin by Katherine Morris. Photos: Courtesy of David Butler.  

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