Pratt Institute and New World Symphony (NWS) presented a unique program during Art Basel Miami Beach featuring original video work by Pratt School of Art students and a live sound performance by New World Symphony fellows.

Titled BLINK, BURN., the performance at Miami’s New World Center on December 7 was the result of a unique partnership involving seven students from Pratt’s School of Art (Film/Video, Digital Design, and Fine Arts programs) and six NWS Fellows. Overcoming the challenges that come with distance, the Brooklyn-based students and Miami-based fellows met twice in person and communicated weekly via the Internet to share ideas and liaise on their video and musical collaborations.

Pratt Adjunct Associate Professor of Film/Video Lisa Crafts led the effort, which explored the intersection of music/sound and film/video, and the creative possibilities of deep engagement between film/video artists and sound artists/musicians.

The result was BLINK, BURN., which encompassed four different video and musical pieces exploring the general theme of human impact and the multifaceted, complicated nature of humanity. View a short excerpt of the works in BLINK, BURN. in the video above.

Participants in the project included Pratt students Natalie Carvallo (BFA ’19), Emma Dold (BFA ’18), Holly Durgan (BFA ’19), Lou Goncalves (BFA ’19), Lauren Kolar (BFA ’18), Alexander Mejia (BFA ’18), and Christopher Thomas Rutledge (BFA ’18); and NWS Fellows Mary Reed, Zach Manzi, Nick Castellano, Christopher Hernacki, Andrew Chilcote, and Ludek Wojtkowski.

The BLINK, BURN. event, which was free and open to the public, was followed by a rooftop garden reception co-hosted by Pratt Alumni’s Miami network.