Joseph Mizzi has worked in the New York City construction industry for more than 20 years. Today, he is president of Sciame Construction, where he has been responsible for overseeing acclaimed projects including the Morgan Library & Museum and the exterior restoration of the Guggenheim Museum.

Mizzi has remained involved with Pratt since his graduation, including serving on the advisory board to the Construction Management Program. He was the recipient of Pratt's Alumni Achievement Award in 2011. He feels a close connection between the culture at Pratt, with the value it places on social responsibility, and the work of the 14+ Foundation, which he co-founded in 2012 with Nchimunya Wulf to develop and build schools and orphanages for African children in rural communities.

The 14+ Foundation’s first project is the Chipakata Children’s Academy in Zambia.

Text: Marion Hammon
Video and Production: Peter Tannenbaum