Pratt Institute Department of Fashion Design student David Krause was awarded a 2009 Geoffrey Beene Design Scholar Award Honorable Mention by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and The Geoffrey Beene Foundation for his extraordinary and innovative talent in design.

Geoffrey Beene, both an innovator and a teacher, was an American designer recognized for his uncompromising originality and unique fashion perspective. As part of this year’s submission requirements, Krause’s design of a proposed 2012 Geoffrey Beene Womens Collection complimented Mr. Beene’s design aesthetic and the reoccurring use of the triangle in his work.

Since 2007, the Geoffrey Beene Foundation has endowed $5 million to the CFDA to fund the establishment of the merit-based Geoffrey Beene Design Scholar Award. This significant endowment has also expanded the CFDA’s core scholarship program and has provided fashion students with access to Geoffrey Beene Educational Programs and National Scholarships designed to promote their vision and help in the mastery of their craft.

Krause is a member of the twentyten, an independent label comprised of three designers founded by Krause and two of his fellow Pratt classmates. The twentyten, named for the designers’ 2012 graduation year, debuted its first 18 look collection of womens ready-to-wear clothing this past spring, and will show both mens and womens garments at the Envoy Gallery in Manhattan this September.

Krause lives in Brooklyn and grew up in Livingston, N.J.

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