Pratt President Frances Bronet connects with Visiting Assistant Professor of Real Estate Practice Jerrod Delaine for a short, thought-provoking video discussion on the connection between housing and racism, the issues surrounding equity and integrating neighborhoods, and opportunities to design and develop more equitable cities and neighborhoods, using housing as a catalyst to make communities better for everyone. An event featuring Professor Delaine, The Desegregation Think Tank, was held on November 18.

The video is the third in a new series, Connecting with…, featuring dynamic online conversations between Pratt’s president and members of our community.

Watch the first Connecting with… video featuring President Bronet and Student Government Association President Danni Qu, and the second video with inaugural Fine Arts Civic Engagement Fellow Amy Khoshbin.

Connecting with… is produced by the Pratt Communications and Marketing division, with assistance from our colleagues in the President’s office and the Creative Media staff.

(Updated: November 30, 2020)