David Huchteman, BArch ’03, has more than two decades of architectural expertise and currently serves as Principal and Managing Director at Carrier Johnson + CULTURE‘s Los Angeles office. His leadership is marked by a synthesis of comprehensive design management, technical acumen, and a nuanced understanding of business development. Huchteman’s portfolio spans a wide array of projects, including higher education facilities, science and technology centers, research facilities, and various commercial, entertainment, and residential spaces in Southern California and across the United States.

Huchteman’s commitment to the architectural community extends beyond his project work, as he actively engages in mentorship, currently chairing Pratt Institute’s Alumni Los Angeles Network and formerly leading the University of Southern California (USC) Architectural Guild’s mentorship program. For Giving Day, he discussed his education at Pratt, his belief in the importance of professional challenges, and his commitment to engaging fresh perspectives.

What is something you learned while studying at Pratt that you’ve carried into your career?

I learned the importance of expanding my abilities and seeking varied experiences. This approach has enabled me to effectively lead project teams with flexibility, respond to the diverse needs of the industry, and consistently exceed client expectations, contributing positively to the communities we serve, whether working on residential, commercial, or educational projects.

You’ve been mentoring architecture students for the past eight years. What motivates you to contribute your time and expertise to the next generation of architects?

Mentoring is my way of giving back, a practice that allows me to share the knowledge I’ve gained while also learning from the fresh perspectives of emerging architects. It’s about helping to create a supportive environment where students can grow, ask questions, and challenge themselves in ways that equip them for the future of this profession.

What advice would you give to aspiring architects and designers, particularly those studying at Pratt?

Maintain your curiosity and openness, staying adaptable and eager to explore diverse experiences. Being receptive to new ideas and embracing change are essential in a field as dynamic as ours. Challenges are often your greatest teachers, offering invaluable lessons that shape your professional journey. Approach each project with a vision that not only aims to innovate but also to inspire and positively impact the communities you serve.

How do alumni networks foster connections and collaborations within the Pratt community? What message would you give to fellow alumni interested in staying connected and giving back to the Pratt community?

Alumni networks connect us with a diverse array of professionals who share a Pratt foundation yet have followed various paths. They offer a dynamic and fun way to stay engaged with the Pratt community, fostering continuous learning and support. I encourage all alumni to tap into these networks, enriching our collective experience and supporting the next generation of creative professionals.

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