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Workshop: Skills for the Collaborative Workplace

November 7, 2022 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Pratt Manhattan Center Room 214

In this workshop, Drs. Tonya Leslie and Jessica Hochman of We Need 2 Talk will guide you through some strategies for addressing common challenges that arise in the collaborative workplace. In particular, we will share the RIR protocol (Recognize, Interrupt, Repair), a form of compassionate dialogue that helps collaborators stay in relationship through conflict. Using case studies from the graduate classroom and the workplace, we will practice using the protocol. Come prepared for conversation! 

Pizza will be available; please RSVP!

About We Need 2 Talk

As a multi-racial teaching team, we offer multiple perspectives on issues related to race, class, and culture and support each other in difficult conversations. Using stories from own lives, cultural texts like movies, music, current events, and writings, Jessica and Tonya create unique learning experiences for groups that help them grow toward authentic anti-racist work.

Tonya Leslie, PhD

I bring a love of reading, teaching experience, and 20 years in the publishing industry to this work. As the author of several children’s books, I am constantly thinking about issues around race and texts. I think it is important to open dialogue so we can disrupt patterns of oppression that show up in the texts around us and in our systems and practices.

Jessica Hochman, PhD

I specialize in helping individuals, groups, and organizations have the conversations they’d prefer not to have, particularly on topics related to literacy, equity, and technology use. For 10 years, I was the director of Pratt Institute’s School for Information and Library Science school librarian preparation program. Now, as an educational consultant, I strive to help educators use dialogue & culturally responsive practices to build stronger, more equitable communities.

Open the the Pratt Institute School of Information community. Organized by the School of Information Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.