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What Is Missing is Still There

February 28, 2019 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

We live no win a time of artificial intelligence and automation, a time when more date is being collected than ever before. For the world to make sense to computers, it must first be converted into data. But what happens to those sites and people who don’t fit the systems? This talk is about power and information, and the ways in which we are differently represented, classified, and forgotten.

About Mimi:
Mimi Onuoha is a Brooklyn-based media artist and researcher. Her work uses code, writing, interventions, and objects to explore missing data, AI-based technologies and the ways in which people are abstracted, represented, and classified. She is currently a Researcher at NYU and the 2018-19 Creative-in-Residence at Olin College for Engineering.