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Voracious Vernacular

December 8, 2018 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Opening Reception Saturday December 8, 5–7 PM

Students in the advanced graduate architecture seminar “Voracious Vernacular” researched a non-urban issue of socio-cultural or socio-political import and then devised a visually striking and viscerally engaging way to communicate it. Topics covered in the course include poor access to healthcare in rural Africa, the blended mixture of Chinese and American culture, the for-profit accumulation of garbage and the exodus of population in rural China, the house typology of central Mexico that is a hybrid of house and silo, the availability of water in farming areas, the ecological consequences of environmental policies or lack there of, and the true count of hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. All these issues are represented as installations.

Partially funded by the Pratt Institute Graduate Student Engagement Fund and The Black Alumni of Pratt.