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UNTITLED, ART, Miami Beach, 2019

Custom11:00 AM – 7:00 PMDecember 4 – December 4, 2019

Between edge and interior

Curated by Ashley James • Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Guggenheim Museum
UNTITLED, ART, Miami Beach, 2019
December 4-8 Booth #A28 • VIP Opening Dec 3, 1-8 PM

Between edge and interior features seven Pratt alumni whose works explore formal concerns of borders, margins, perceptual depth, recesses, and other markers of relational space, while remaining open to the social resonances these perspectival concepts carry. The influential William T. Williams (BFA ’66) serves as inspiration and grounding for this presentation: Characterized by intersecting geometric forms contained within the frame, his formational 1960s/1970s “Diamond in a box” paintings acted as abstract formal investigations, even as they responded to the political moment: in lieu of representation, here compositional “containment” or “repression” is metaphorically reflective of an oppressive social condition. The seven additional Pratt alumni also take interest in spatial concepts like ‘edges’ and ‘interiors’— as aesthetic inquiries, with varying relationships to the social ranging from broad ideas of spectatorship to specific investigations of interiority and marginalization. With different stakes, strategies, and aims, each of these artists evince perspectival space as matter of painting, and as a matter of people.
—Ashley James 2019

Fine Arts Alumni Artists:

Alanna Fields, MFA ’19
Clare Grill MFA ’05
Devin B. Johnson, MFA ’19
Matt Kleberg, MFA ’15
Yesuk Seo, MFA ’16
Jason Stopa, MFA ’10
William T. Williams, BFA ’66