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School of Architecture Lectures: GAUD Pratt Sessions 10 – Aranda, Oyler, and Wu

September 20, 2018 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Benjamin Aranda (NYC); Principal Aranda Lasch; Assistant Professor Cooper Union.
Jenny Wu + Dwayne Oyler (LA); Principals Oyler Wu Collaborative; Design Faculty SCI-Arc

New Architectural Mediums

Pratt’s Graduate Architecture and Urban Design program welcomes Benjamin Aranda from ArandaLasch and Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu from the Oyler Wu collaborative for a discussion on New Architectural Mediums. Aranda and Oyler Wu are firms with numerous trajectories of practice ranging from architectural design to product design and collaborations with fine artists. Each has been similarly lauded, included in seminal exhibitions. They are both actively building and are committed educators. They represent an increasingly vibrant strain of architectural practice which affords a multitude of formats for exploring and discovering one’s “Project.” They are brought together in the Pratt Sessions series due their mutual and overlapping interests in drawing: its aesthetics and its practices. Ultimately, their work questions the extent to which we still “draw” and opens up new modalities of understanding the medium of drawing. Reception and Pop Up exhibition including representations of work by artists Janet Echelman (selected by Oyler Wu) and CEB Reas (selected by Aranda/Lasch) to follow.