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School of Architecture Faculty RESEARCH Flash Talks

March 2, 2020 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Please join us for the 2nd School of Architecture Faculty Flash Talks.

Presenters will discuss their latest research endeavors in a short, 7-minute presentation. All Pratt Institute faculty, staff and students are welcome.

Open to public.

6:25 PM: Harriss, SoA, Introductions
6:30 PM: Coersmeier, GAUD
6:40 PM: Morris, UA
6:50 PM: Barker + Vien, GAUD
7:00 PM: Bausman, UA
7:10 PM: Seong, UA
7:20 PM: Harrison, GAUD
7:30 PM: Imperiale, UA
7:40 PM: Brainard, UA + GAUD
7:50 PM: Porter, UA
8:00 PM: Sieira, GAUD
8:10 PM: Gonzalez Lara, UA
8:20 PM: Sarrach UA + ITL
8:30 PM: Ngai, UA + ITL
8:40 PM: Sorenson, UA + ITL