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quick response: The Generator Project Opening Reception

April 25, 2022 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Open to the public. RSVP required for non-Pratt attendees.

quick response is an interactive outdoor exhibition in the heart of Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn campus designed by a team of 1st year Interactive Arts and Animation & Motion Arts MFA candidates from the Department of Digital Arts. The exhibition uses augmented reality, QR codes, and p5.js to create viewer experiences that uncover the inner workings of the Pratt campus and the Facilities team who keeps it running, much like the generator that the exhibition surrounds. The unique scale, 90” high and spanning widths up to 1300”, challenges the students to address the impact and significance of the work in a larger than life arena.

The projects within the exhibition are triggered with Spark AR (an augmented reality platform) and QR codes (which stands for quick response code), a two dimensional bar code invented in the mid-90s. Since March 2020, QR codes have become an integral part of our daily lives. In addition to acting as phones, cameras, and tiny computers, our constant digital companions create liminal worlds between our lived physical experiences and the networked world we rely on for information and communication.

Of all the computational concepts these young artists grapple with in their studies – time, memory, data, switches (boolean logic) – the loop is where animation and computer science converge. A loop in a computer program is an instruction that repeats until a specified condition is reached; looping in an animation causes a movement to repeat. The Generator Project itself is a loop and, like electrons through a circuit, viewers must physically move around the installation to view and interact with the exhibition in its entirety.

Faculty Lead: Visiting Instructor rebecca (marks) leopold
Emily Cooperstein (MFA DDA Interactive Arts ‘23)
Manman Li (MFA DDA Interactive Arts ‘23)
Maleigha Michael (MFA DDA Animation & Motion Arts ‘23)
Daichen Wang (MFA DDA Interactive Arts ‘23)
Shanshan Wang (MFA DDA Interactive Arts ‘23)
Zhuolin Wu (MFA DDA Interactive Arts ‘23)
Changcheng Yang (MFA DDA Interactive Arts ‘23)
Haonan Zhao (MFA DDA Animation & Motion Arts ‘23)