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PRATT SESSIONS 18: Justin Brice Guariglia + Ariane Lourie-Harrison + Timothy Morton

November 14, 2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Pratt Sessions 18: WE ARE THE ASTEROID – Justin Brice Guariglia, Ariane Lourie Harrison and Timothy Morton with Moderator Eva Díaz

Please join the GAUD and Department of Fine Arts in welcoming Justin Brice Guariglia, Ariane Lourie Harrison and Timothy Morton for Pratt Sessions 18. This event is co-hosted and co-curated as part of the Public Lecture Series in the Pratt Institute School of Architecture and School of Arts.

Guariglia, Lourie Harrison and Morton each contend with issues of climate change and ecology in ways that are both explicitly bound to their respective disciplines (philosophy, fine art and architecture) while also sharing overlapping interests in the areas of post-humanism and post-naturalism. What brings them together in the final Pratt Session this Fall are the ways in which their separate works transform perceptions of scale and—more specifically—cracks open our understandings and assumptions about the relationship between subject and object, human and nature. Morton’s “WE ARE THE ASTEROID” (the subtitle of the event) being a case in point. As they are equally provocative and profound intellects and talents, we anticipate the session and discussion will curb stereotypical notions of sustainability giving way to the frameworks and concepts through which these three creative thinkers from their differing disciplines engrain the medium of “nature” into the material fabric of their work.

Following the presentations, the participants will join in a discussion moderated by art historian, critic and Pratt faculty member Eva Díaz

In keeping with the Pratt Sessions series, the event on the 14th will include a Pop Up Exhibition which we excited to announce will include (for the first time) select original works (not reproductions) created and conceived by artist Justin Brice Guariglia. The Pop Up Exhibition will be on display in the Segal Gallery in Higgins Hall starting Wednesday November 06 through Sunday November 24th. The lecture on November 14th will include a reception following including refreshments and food.

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