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Pratt Sessions 14 – New Architectural Mediums

March 7, 2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Michael Bell (NYC) and Greg Lynn (LA)
Greg Lynn (LA): Principal GL Form, Professor UCLA
Michael Bell (NYC): Principal Visible Weather, Principal Bell Seong Architecture, GAUD Visiting Professor, Professor Columbia University

Please join us for the second Pratt Sessions lecture this Spring; part of the larger Pratt School of Architecture Lecture Series.

We are pleased to welcome Michael Bell of Bell Seoung Architecture/Visible Weather and Greg Lynn from Greg Lynn Form/Piaggio Fast Forward to continue our discussion on New Architectural Mediums. Both participants have had impactful careers as educators, designers and cultural influencers. Their separate work on mathematics, geometry, philosophy and digital media tectonically shifted the discourse and profession of architecture spawning the “Digital Turn” over twenty years ago. As their design practices, curatorial practices, writing and teaching have evolved both have formulated unconventional modalities of practice and methods of design ranging from economic speculation to product design through the use of robotics, probabilities and artificial intelligence; to name only a few. While they are brought together in the Pratt Sessions series due to their mutual and overlapping interests/backgrounds in both mathematical and material mediums, it is their recent work that raises a line of inquiry questioning what the nature of a highly mediated architectural practice is today and what role we play in the reshaping of human habitat and urban praxes. We hope you will join us for what is certain to be a provocative evening and discussion. Reception and Pop Up Exhibition to follow with beer from KCBC brewery and food from Korilla.

Please note that Pratt Sessions Volume 01 collecting the first six Pratt Sessions is available by pre-order and will be for sale at the event.
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