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School of Architecture Lectures: GAUD Pratt Sessions 12 – DeLanda and Harman

November 15, 2018 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The Graduate Architecture and Urban Design (GAUD) department is pleased to welcome Manuel Delanda, GAUD Adjunct Professor and Graham Harman Distinguished Professor of Philosophy SCI-Arc, to continue our discussion on New Architectural Contexts. Delanda and Harman are philosophers who have contributed significantly to their discipline. Both have established new ways of understanding, perceiving and seeing our physical environment. Both are committed educators whom have extensive experience teaching philosophy within graduate architecture programs and whose written work has influenced architecture culture at large.

They are brought together in the Pratt Sessions series as much for their shared commitment to philosophical discourse as they are for their different theories and philosophies of the perceived (or mis-perceived) ontologies of the built environment that comprises the “contexts and sites” within which architecture (the discipline and practice) operate. Their presentations and the ensuing discussion are certain to provide insight as to how “architectural context” might differ from its philosophical counterpart and where there might productive, interdisciplinary overlaps. We hope you will join us for what is certain to be an invigorated evening and discussion.

DISCUSSION MODERATOR: Ferda Kolatan – Founding Director Su11; GAUD Adjunct Assistant Professor; Associate Professor of Practice Penn Design
POP UP EXHIBITION: Including reproductions of work from Lee Bontecou and Mia Feuer; selected by Delanda and Harman respectively.
BOOK LAUNCH: Pratt Sessions Volume 01 including the first six sessions will be on sale at the event and some participants will be in attendance.
GALLERY EXHIBITION: Robert Irwin: Site Determined on display in the gallery until November 28
RECEPTION: Beer from KCBC brewery and food from Korilla BBQ.