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Pratt Design Symposium 2021: Reinventing Luxury

November 17, 2021 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

For more information and reservations, please visit

Symposium Panelists:
Chris Bangle, Founder, Chris Bangle Associates and Former Design Director, BMW
Kevin Marshall, Global Creative Director of Design, Microsoft
Christopher Olshan, Global CEO, Luxury Marketing Council
Eleonora Paulsen, President, Gruppo Italia
Moderated by Marc Rosen, Cosmetics Packaging Designer and Pratt Trustee Emeritus

As marketers and designers, it is our challenge to reinvent luxury for a new generation,
and understand how the desire for it has changed during the COVID pandemic. Generational shifts are already underway. The game is changing, and who is spending and on what is just as important as why. And nearly two years of transition, many are asking what does luxury look like today? Does the standard interpretation of luxury still hold true? And if so, is there room for designers to expand the definition of luxury to include things more ephemeral?

Please note that this is a fully vaccinated and masked event.