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PlacemakingUS: Public Realm Roundtable

June 13 – June 16, 2024 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Online and Pratt Institute (Higgins Hall) + NYC locations

group photo of placemaking practitioners together on a tour of public space in New York City

Presented by the MS program in Urban Placemaking and Management and the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment.

The Public Realm Roundtable is a national gathering of government and supporting organizations who shape, maintain and enliven public space.

Key Topics of Discussion

  1. Catalyzing and Keeping Cross-Department Synergies to Complete Vast Transformation
  2. Maintenance and Enlivening of Spaces with Partners through Permits, MOUs, Reimbursable Expenses and Intermediary Organizations
  3. Equity and Anti-gentrification Tactics
  4. The Next Frontier: Reforming Already-Existing Public Spaces for Better Use: When Streets, Sidewalks, Parking Spaces, Buffers and Margins become new centers of Public Gathering
  5. Making the Case: Connecting the Realm to its Outcomes like Health, Economy, Climate, Sociability and other positives outcomes to attract partners and ease permissions