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P3 PRESENTS: KINSTILLATIONS, CONSENT, AND RESISTANCE: A Dialogue with Emily Johnson, Joseph M. Pierc

November 20, 2020 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


A dialogue between four writers, scholars, artists, and body movers, this gathering will focus on sharing orientations towards the kinstillatory. Drawing on Indigenous feminisms, the work of queer and two-spirit kin, and the constellations of consenting intimacy that span across ruptures of time and space, this conversation will explore recent work by Recollet and Johnson, Pierce, and Blight, together, in dialogue about what futures become possible through Indigenous practices of transformation and resistance.

How do we gather now, in this moment, and at the same time include our more-than-human-kin in consensual acts of change? How do we enact co-presence and co-corporeality, as both an emergent possibility and a series of interventions grounded in ancestral futurity?

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