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Opening Reception: NoMATERIA 2012–2017 | Build the Future

April 19, 2018 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

NoMATERIA 2012–2017 | Build the Future is a selection of 50 projects involving 74 Venezuelan designers residing in 24 cities and in 11 different countries. Objects and products that help to understand industrial design, in a country that is going through a political, social and economic crisis unprecedented in the history of the nation. NoMATERIA explores the possible fields of design: from the simplicity of an object that emerges from paper in a three-dimensional form, to the development of complex products linked to industry or habitable artifacts. NoMATERIA is a modest sample of physical outcomes.

NoMATERIA 2012–2017 will serve as a map in the reconstruction of a society where the fundamental conditions of development were broken, but the talent and energy of the people, of those who design, persist. Design does not stop. In this critical scenario we propose a new chapter of this initiative that gathers some views on industrial design in projects made by these Venezuelans now inside and outside Venezuela, in a period of five years.

Opening reception: Thursday, April 19, 6-8 PM