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NYC Jewelry Week: “Who owns the Island”

Custom11:00 AM – 7:00 PMNovember 18 – November 18, 2019

created by Taisha Carrington (Pratt Jewelry Alumna ‘18)

Who owns the Island? investigates the current social effects of a post-colonial and pre-environmental disaster environment on Caribbean islanders.

As Caribbean dwellers continue to navigate islands shaped by colonialism, a second wave of complexity dawns the horizon; the threat of losing countries due to increased Hurricane activity which has already rendered some islands uninhabitable. The islands remain fragile, volatile rocks, occupied by millions. Who owns the Island? illuminates the liminality of Caribbean beings and their relationship to the sea that facilitated their arrival and threatens their removal. A series of ‘”healing devices” Carrington has invented will be on display and an installation of a communal healing event documented in Barbados.

The installation explores preservation and embodiment of islands through adornment with ephemeral material and the creation of future artifacts carrying the “DNA” of the lands and its peoples.

Hours: Mon–Fri, 11 AM–7 PM; Sat–Sun, 12–5 PM