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NYC Jewelry Week: Multiplex

Custom11:00 AM – 7:00 PMNovember 18 – November 18, 2019

Cranbrook alumna, organized by Victoria Bulgakova

Jewelry—a multiform implement of varied functions, meanings, and histories—is an intimate mirror reflecting the complexity of the world. In Multiplex, five Cranbrook Academy of Art alumni illustrate the microcosm of their idiosyncratic and diverse jewelry based practices. Kristine Bolhuis, Victoria Bulgakova, Susan Hoge, Katie MacDonald, and Seth Papac are engaged with jewelry in varied conceptual, formal, and commercial alignments. The necessity to explore a breadth of interests, from one of a kind works to thoughtfully designed iterations, motivates each artist to investigate jewelry as a format and a subject in multiple contexts. Although these areas of interest illustrate distinct landscapes, they are all part of the same world, the world of jewelry.

Hours: Mon–Fri, 11 AM–7 PM; Sat–Sun, 12–5 PM