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MFA 2020 Catalog & Exhibition Publication Launch and Discussion

October 27, 2020 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM



The participants are Curator Yasmeen Siddiqui, Hannah Pierce from Small Editions, MFA Alumni ‘20: Cassie Reeder, Josh Meillier, and Sarah Coplan, book designer and MFA Communication Design candidate ‘21

Pratt Fine Arts MFA Catalog presenting the work of the class of 2020, including an exhibition publication of the exhibition content that was unable to happen due to the pandemic which would have been the MFA 2nd-year all-inclusive exhibition, curated by Yasmeen Siddiqui held in the newly renovated ground floor space at Pratt Manhattan Gallery.


Unprecedented times call for innovation, labors of love, and open minds. This double catalog is but one example of how the Pratt graduating class has faced a global pandemic and used these aforementioned tools to create something beautiful in a time of uncertainty. With closures, unexpected changes in routines, altered living situations, and risks in social interaction we were given the choice to stand by, or to use this time to create a catalog that demonstrates what we can overcome. Here in this catalog, we showcase works from our time here at Pratt, along with a poetic curation of our works as a whole. Without the sense of community and care, we worked so hard to build over the years, this would not have been possible. We hope that through this collective work we will highlight our vigor and ingenuity as we continue on to new communities, works, and bright futures.

To all the MFA class of 2020: we have been inspired by how you all rose to this occasion and stayed connected as a community in spite of it all. We would like to thank you all, along with the Fine Arts faculty and administration, Chair Jane South, and staff: Lisa Banke-Humann, Nat Meade, Harriet Salmon, Federico Savini, Christopher Verstegen, and Dina Weiss for their continued guidance and support of our MFA class during this time.

Deep gratitude for the Pratt Artists League (PAL), Jackie Slanley and Josh Meillier for taking on the immense leadership challenges during COVID-19, they created new ways to make meaning and bring the MFA community together during an unprecedented time. A special thank you to Dina Weiss for all the work she put into bringing this project to fruition. Our curator and exhibition catalog writer Yasmeen Siddiqui for her commitment to support and work with our graduates to see this project through in its new form. We would be lost without the immense skill and effort from Sarah Coplan, a Pratt MFA candidate 2021 in Communication Design, for her design guidance and incredible work ethic. And a huge thank you to Pratt Institute’s Department of Exhibitions, Fine Arts Department, and Student Government Association for their vital funding support to make this catalog possible.


Stewart Bird, CAITO (Caitlin Stewart), Hannah Celli, Jerry Chan, Jin-Yong Choi, Katie Croft, NH DePass, Dewy, Ambrus Gero, Evelyn Golden, Spencer Harris, Jennifer Chia-ling Ho, Dasol Hong, Rodrigo Jimenez-Ortega, Kosuke Kawahara, Kunyi Lin, Josh Meillier, Emmett Metier, Duff Norris, So Ye Oh, Yaw Owusu, Amber Peck, Na’ye Perez, Joy Perry, Cassie Reeder, Robert Scheirer, Jackie Slanley, Allie Stabile, Talia Tamar, Alyssa Thornton, Amanda Wall, Chao Wang, Ziping Wang, Mandy Wong, Shibei Xu, Angelica Yudasto, Meirav Zaks Zilberman, Huier Zhao