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GCPE Thesis, Capstone, DPC Presentations

May 1, 2023 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


RSVP required, virtual

Students from GCPE’s four masters programs present their culminating research spanning a range of topics including tenant rights, climate mitigation, sensory placemaking, and urban agriculture.

04/25 – CRP Thesis I, 5-9pm

Melina Lawrence, Remembrance and Erasure: The Power of Co-Named Streets in New York City
Pratap Jayaram, Evictions Are Violent, We Will Not Be Silent: A Mixed Methods Study on Tenant Harassment and Public Safety
Evan Tuten, Joint development on the IBX: An equitable transit value capture
Bhavini Kapur, Building (with) Cannabis Economies: Envisioning a regenerative economic ecosystem for cannabis-based building construction materials in the South Bronx
Alyssa Bement, Assessing Equitable Food Policy in NYC: A case study of the FRESH program in Southside Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Monali Gandhi, Just Transition: Addressing the affordable housing crisis through green infrastructure and construction strategies by repurposing deserted parking lots in Atlanta
Christopher Streat, Disaster Housing in Urban Centers

04/28 – SES Capstone, 4-7pm

Alexis O’Rourke, Riparian Retreat: A Green Infrastructure Parking Solution for the Bronx Zoo
Keshvi Ahir, Navigating the Climate Mobilization Act; A Feasibility Study for Rooftop Solar as a Compliance Measure for Local Law 97
Alex Blakeslee, Equity in Existing Buildings: Window Maintenance and Weatherization in Bronx CD7 as a Model for Climate Mitigation
Harrison Nesbit, Green Lanes System: Reimagining New York City’s Greenways to Address Climate Resilience and Biodiversity in the Right-of-Way
Elisia Langdon, Planning for Stewardship: Towards a Community-Based Model of Green Infrastructure Maintenance in NYC

05/01 – SES Capstone, 4-7pm

Natt Slober, Addressing Food Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa (Liberia)
Rajvi Shah, Assessing Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s Scope 3 for Real Estate and Construction Industries: Emissions and Impacts of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM’s)
Anna Browne, Climate Hazards and Homelessness: How NYC Hazard Mitigation Efforts Can Better Serve People Experiencing Homelessness
Sarah Varghese, Integration strategies for climate displaced communities in NYC: Community-informed policy tools for inclusive language and stakeholder engagement.
Joseph Roukos, Made Locally: Assessing the Feasibility of Creating a Network of Small Businesses in NYC

05/01 – UPM DPC, 5-8pm

Semire Bayatli, Sensory Placemaking
Marium Naveed, Sociability for Transit Stations: The G Line, Brooklyn
Zein Ali Ahmad, Digital Play to Reduce Social Tension: Beirut
Clay Grable, Equity in Waterfront Resiliency Projects: Kingston, NY
Maithri Shankar, Placemaking for the Internet

05/02 – CRP Thesis I, 5-9pm

Molly Blann, Planning Care Infrastructure
Fransini Alberto, Exploring the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Small Businesses in Brooklyn, NY
Nadav Bigelman, Quantifying Brooklyn Street Tree Shade
Shoshana Levy,  Renter Asset Building: A paradigm shift in American wealth creation for low-income families
Danielle Baez, Post-Disaster Emergency Housing: A Strategy to Address the Housing Crisis
Stephanie Lichaytoo, Promoting Equity and Diversity in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle: A Strategic Plan Analysis
Ayah Alruwais, People as Infrastructure: Examining the Feasibility of Participatory Planning in Riyadh’s Urban and Community Development

05/03 – HP Thesis II, 6-9:30pm

Diego Rivadeneira,  Design and Preservation: New Canaan’s Library
Tara Hopp, Preserving Place in New York City’s Garment District
Megan Maize, Federal Indian Boarding Schools: Memory, Voice and Interpretation
Ethan Brown, Revitalizing the Towns of Route 66: Does Italy’s ‘Albergo Diffuso’ Model Translate?
Katherine E. Pioch, The Heritage Environment of Venice’s Lagoon
Mahnoor Fatima, The Road Not Taken: Analyzing Informal Tour Networks in Lahore, Pakistan

05/05 – CRP Thesis II, 5-7:45pm

Rita Musello-Kelliher, Queer Community Resilience, Riis Beach, Queens
Amelia Clark, Bus Terminal Placemaking, NYC
Felix Zamora, Citywide Urban Agriculture, Union, NJ
Kevin Garcia, Low Emission Zones, NYC
Helen Harman, Flushing Creek Resilience, Queens

05/08 – UPM DPC, 5-8pm

Alex Zarookian, Placemaking for Community Climigration
Walker Johnston, Healing from Trauma Through Embodied Placemaking
Robyn Stebner, Generating New Public Spaces Through Placemaking
Alex Lipnik, The Impact of E-Commerce and Delivery on Our Streets