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FROM FORCES TO FORMS 1, series of artist talks with UCLA ArtSci Center

April 2, 2022 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM


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Presented by UCLA ArtSci Center and in collaboration with Pratt Manhattan Gallery.


The first section of Pratt’s exhibition, “From Forces to Forms,” is comprised of works by artists who explore basic forces of nature and the behavior of entities that are often placed, unattended, in the background. The artists foreground the activation of life, often constructing their own methods. Like Thompson, they look at the intersection of physics and chemistry, probing the boundaries between the animate and inanimate, and they consider the available sources of energy to initiate this transition.


Adam Brown and Robert Root-Bernstein explore the prebiotic world in their collaborative artwork, “ReBioGeneSys” (2021), based on Miller’s and Urey’s pivotal 1953 origin of life experiment.

Paul Thomas invents ways he might visualize probabilities of position and speed that characterize uncertainty in the quantum world.

Todd Siler visualizes forces of energy in his drawing, “Mapping Magnetic Domains of the Fractal Reactor” (2006), applying principles of fractal geometry to plasma physics.

Tauba Auerbach often engages principles of pattern formation. The works from “Heat Current” (2020) serve as mysterious tracers of movements created by temperature differences.

Meredith Tromble interprets the force of photosynthesis, creating a video that combines dance and drawing in an imaginative encounter with this force.

For more information on the series:[UNIQID]&u=9baf6baeafa7dd6c42a6db349&id=4c889d1ce6