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Foundation Spark Talks: “Equity to Metacognition” by Kim Sloane

October 25, 2022 12:15 PM – 2:00 PM


In this SPARK Talk, Foundation Faculty Kim Sloane will present his research “Equity to Metacognition”. Foundation is about a diversity of students coming together to learn how to learn in a School of Art and Design. Equity means, among other things, making certain that all students have the same opportunity for success. Metacognition, or knowledge of the thinking, learning and making process, is what will allow students to transfer what is learned in Foundation to their future studies. The same strategies that promote equity will also promote metacognition. This presentation will explore methodology and provide examples of a curriculum designed to achieve these outcomes.

SPARK Talks provide opportunities for Faculty to share teaching experiences or pedagogical experimentations with our colleagues. Anything related to teaching can become fodder for a SPARK. These conversations include presentations and time for conversation and reflection among faculty peers. If you’re interested in presenting your own SPARK, please contact Brian Brooks at