Teaching Outside The Academy with Maria Baker

Pratt Graduate Writing Space: 424 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY
March 22, 2019 at 12:00 PM - 3:15 PM


How can you share your writing (and writing-adjacent) skills with people outside of academia? What are ways of being a writer and a teacher in your various communities? In this workshop, we’ll look at the possibilities for writers to partner with existing organizations and at ways to independently start and facilitate writing workshops. 

We will talk about: 
how to plan your own workshop and then get it off the ground,
how to format and structure workshop sessions, 
how to keep the room balanced and supportive,
how to construct/find writing prompts for participants, 
how to give and incorporate feedback, 
and ways to publish and/or perform with your group.
We’ll also collaborate on a small sample workshop session.


Pratt strives to make all programs, services and activities accessible, and will provide assistance to accommodate any individuals with disabilities. Security personnel, located at booths at 200 Willoughby Avenue and other campus locations, are available for assistance. Additional accessibility resources are available at pratt.edu/accessibility

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