Opening Reception: 34th Annual Pratt in Venice Exhibition

East Hall, 2nd Floor Gallery, Brooklyn Campus
October 15, 2018 at 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Curated by studio faculty Michael Brennan and Andrea Lynn Santos, the exhibition will run for two weeks through Friday, October 26, and will showcase the stunning work produced by this year’s Pratt in Venice participants while studying abroad this past summer. This will include paintings, prints, and other media, as well as advanced research projects done by students enrolled in the Materials & Techniques and Art History of Venice courses (led by faculty Diana Gisolfi and Joseph R. Kopta).

There will be refreshments, a slideshow of photos from this year’s program, a silent auction for the works to benefit the scholarship fund, and a chance to meet and mingle with alumni and faculty.


Olivia Cranney
Skyler Elfeldt
Chris Harding
Kirsten Herman
Chantal Kassarjian
Kikuchi Aomi
David Kim
June Kim
Alessandra Levato
Li Xingze
Nichollette Manicad
Jessica Niello
Jenna Pasquino
Aubrey Roemer
Michele Rushfeldt
Drue Leahy Schwartz
Abby Staub
Maya Tajchman
Blanca Uribe
Penghui Zhang
Hannah Zwier


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