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Digital Arts Lecture Series Fall 2022; Regina Harsanyi

October 5, 2022 12:45 PM – 12:45 PM

4E-3 Myrtle Hall

BROOKLYN, N.Y. August 23th, 2022

Pratt Institute’s Department of Digital Arts will present lectures by six guests as part of its Fall 2022 Lecture Series. Guests will give lectures to the Pratt community about their involvement and careers in animation, curatorial practice and digital arts.

All lectures start at 12.45pm EST and take place at 4E-3 Myrtle Hall.

The Digital Arts Lecture Series is a seasonal series organized by the Department of Digital Arts in the School of Art at Pratt Institute. Guests include both emerging talent and established pioneers in the fields of digital animation, motion arts, interactive artwork, and digital imaging.

October 5th, 2022
12.45 pm EST

Regina Harsanyi is passionate about improving and promoting best practices for the longevity of variable media, from plastics to distributed ledger technologies.

A graduate of New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, Harsanyi focuses primarily on time-based media art from historical and technical perspectives in the private and public sector. She has led major time-based media conservation projects for multiple institutions, studios, and collectors, including the Museum of the Moving Image, bitforms gallery, and Sotheby’s.

From 2017-2020, Harsanyi facilitated over 200 exhibitions across 26 locations under Wallplay highlighting creative technology in the arts. She has lectured globally and taught courses on variable media at School Of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Above all, Harsanyi remains dedicated to creating interdisciplinary bridges between academia, museums, collectors, corporations, and artists.

Professor Mattia Casalegno
Digital Art Lecture Series Coordinator, Pratt Institute