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Community Gardens as Critical Environmental Areas

October 27, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Higgins Hall North 406B

An image of the event poster. As the backdrop image, it has a garden in the foreground, with many flowering plants. Behind the garden are several houses.

Help protect New York City’s community gardens! Raymond Figueroa, GCPE professor and New York City Community Garden Coalition (NYCCGC) President, in collaboration with 52 other organizations has submitted a petition to request the designation of city-owned land as Critical Environmental Areas to safeguard our precious community gardens. We are thrilled to share that the petition has been unanimously signed and passed in the State Assembly and is awaiting the signature of the governor. LEAP is acting by providing a platform and templates for individuals to sign letters advocating for the bill’s approval. The primary objective of this event is to educate the public about the immense benefits that community gardens bring to our state and to garner as many signatures on these crucial letters as possible. There will be food and an opportunity for participants to safely dispose of electronic waste items!