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Comedy Performance: Mad Monk Maps the Buddhist Hells in New York City

November 7, 2017 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Why is Bodhidharma, revered ancient teacher of Zen/Chan Buddhism, scowling at New York City? Because his beloved, once livable NYC—where Buddha-inspired beatnik poets and artists once frolicked; loft rents were abundant and cheap; and affordable, homey bars and restaurants that invited conversations about art and life—is changing into a Buddhist hell of greed, hate, ignorance and rudeness. Some of the city’s Buddhist hells include: subway stations, double-parked vehicles, tourist crowds, and narrow sidewalks, to name a few.

Larry Littany Litt performs as his literary creation “Mad Monk” who is the featured character in Litt’s newly released book, Mad Monk Improper Parables (Silver Hollow Press, 2017). He will show what happens when these new, greedy, and entitled denizens of our city are punished for their sins of gentrification and over-pricing in his performance in the first New York City Buddhist Hell Elimination Ritual. The audience will participate in creating New York City Heavens with “Hah-Zen,” the buddhist ancient technique for controlling suffering and anxiety. “Mad Monk” will be joined by special guests Yolanda Hawkins and William Niederkorn.

Refreshments will be served.

This performance is in conjunction with Pratt Manhattan Gallery’s You Are Here NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping, an exhibition of New York City maps by a selection of contemporary artists, designers, and data analysts on view through November 15, 2017.