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BYOT – Bring Your Own Trash (Pratt Earth Action Week)

October 23, 2022 2:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Campus | 200 Willoughby Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205 | Rose Garden

Let’s make treasure out of trash: A reverent approach towards a zero-waste future. Located in the Rose Garden behind Pratt Library

BYOT is an epic collaboration between two award-winning alumnae specializing in Sustainability Design. One used the grounds of New York to raise questions about waste and trash, while the other explored ritualistic ways of honoring nature in contemporary culture. This event intends to challenge how you perceive your surroundings, hoping to achieve a harmonious relationship with Earth. We invite participants to bring along items they deem as waste, and during our workshop, to transform and see them in a different lens.

This event will take place at Rose Garden behind Pratt Library
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