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Aquacultural Adaptation Exhibit Opening

September 15, 2023 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Nolan Park Building 16, Governors Island, 10 South St Slip 7 New York, NY 10004

Aquacultural Adaptations evet poster. There is an architectural render in the background and the logos of PRAT GAUD and Billion Oyster Project at the the top.

Over the past four years, the Billion Oyster Project has been working with the Masters of Architecture students at Pratt Institute. Every year Pratt GAUD students would visit an abandoned site around the NYC waterfront and learn about the Billion Oyster Project. Taking this knowledge, they were able to bring it to their conceptual Aquacultural Adaptation Architectural projects.

Organized by Alexandra Barker, Interim Chair of Pratt Institute’s Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Department and Principal of Barker Architecture Office and featuring the work of Barker’s third-year Master of Architecture studio, The exhibit includes a compilation of work from various students from Fall of 2019 to Fall of 2023. A range of individual, faculty-formulated studios are proposed, broadly engaging various aspects of architectural mediums and/or architectural contexts; as drivers of contemporary discourse, research, and practice. Students are challenged to apply their individual backgrounds accumulated throughout the core curriculum to increased levels of precision, intensity, focus, and independent and creative thought leadership through architectural design.