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Aesthetics of Prosthetics Panel + Exhibition

September 19, 2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Aesthetics of Prosthetics Panel + Exhibition
Contemporary Design Attitudes in the Twenty-First Century

with Mark Foster Gage, Karel Klein, Ferda Kolatan, Kutan Ayata, Andrew Saunders, Neyran Turan

Aesthetics of Prosthetics Panel Discussion + Collaborative Exhibition will take place at Pratt Institute School of Architecture on Thursday, September 19 between 6–8 PM. It will be followed by the opening reception for the Aesthetics of Prosthetics Collaborative Exhibition at the Siegel Gallery with food and beverages. The exhibition will be on display until October 17.

This discussion is about the relationship between digital ways of working and their impact on architectural aesthetics. The panelists are all architects and educators at the forefront of contemporary architectural thinking and education in the US who in their work have all addressed aesthetics, listed below:

Neyran Turan, Karel Klein, Andrew Saunders, Kutan Ayata and Mark Foster Gage. The panel will be moderated by Ferda Kolatan.

We believe that contemporary aesthetics is radically redefining itself with emergent tools and devices as a result of new technologies and techniques. It is no longer viable to talk about a digital or even a post-digital era since these intelligent tools already embed themselves in all aspects of daily life; these “prosthetics tools” have become an extension of our daily life capacities! We define prosthetic intelligence as any device or tool that enhances our mental environment as opposed to our physical environment. Here is the simplest everyday example: When at a restaurant with friends, you reach out to your smartphone to do an online search for a reference to further the conversation, you use prosthetic intelligence.

We think that a panel lecture around the outcomes of prosthetic intelligence is a great way of discussing contemporary aesthetics in architecture at large. Following the panel discussion will be the opening reception of the Aesthetics of Prosthetics – Collaborative Exhibition which displays work done by young designers and architects from the most eminent architecture schools in the world.