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ARCH-9401 Undergraduate 1-Credit Internship

1 Credits

The internship is a learning experience at a discipline-related professional site. It provides students with an opportunity to apply academic knowledge and skills in a practical setting, while obtaining new knowledge and skills in preparation for professional work or graduate school. Students experience the application of coursework lessons into a real-life context, thus enriching their education. They deepen their knowledge about important applied aspects of their discipline, enhance their professional skills in a real-world context, build their professional network, and inform their career choices. Additional faculty-supervised activities provide the opportunity for an in-depth reflection on the internship experience Fourth and Fifth year Undergraduate Architecture students may participate in full-time, architectural-office summer internships in selected architectural firms after a formal selection process. An internship is intended to include all phases of office experience under the supervision of senior members of the firm. Internships may be applied to elective credits depending on the nature of each work assignment and the length of the internship period.