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MSCI-439 Properties of Ceramics, Metal, and Glass: Explorations of Building Blocks And Degradation Mechanisms

3 Credits

In this course students will gain an understanding of the fundamental similarities and differences between ceramics, metals and glass. Through first exploring the similarities and differences between each material based on their crystalline structures on a microscopic level, students will learn about the related material strengths, working properties, and manufacturing techniques. Then we will focus on causes of degradation of each material with particular attention to pollution, its origins, and the resulting chemical reactions as the inorganic materials interact with pollutants in their environments and the results of increased pollutants and their origins due to climate change.Project based work will serve as a focal learning tool with semester long research projects and weekly lab work/independent work. Students will recreate degradation properties using mockups, and throughout the semester each student will observe and document how the materials change, always reflecting on our living environment.