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SS-277 Politics of Resistance in a Global Context: Theory and Practice for Social Change

3 Credits

Through a combination of field study, inquiry into and implementation of social and critical methodologies, this class will activate an intensive investigation of community, local connection to global concerns, and histories of ideas in relation to urban cities and stratifications of power. We will focus on topics of repression and resistance, transmigration, the rise of the global right, post-democracy and critical human rights, and environmental and social injustices in an international context and explore ways to contribute to positive change, expressing international solidarity, tactics of resistance, documentation and community building through aesthetic and social practices. The class will focus on contemporary issues and their socio-political genesis in one or more regions. The goal will be to critically engage in interdisciplinary conversation and onsite engagement with affected communities as we address the cultural, economic and historical roots of global social justice issues. The bulk of this course will be taught on campus/online at Pratt, and it may include a week-long travel abroad component, adhering to Pratt study abroad policies.